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Protect It, Keep It

Paint Protection Film, the modern marvel. It is a thin but exceptionally durable polymer or polyurethane film which provides the ultimate layer of protection.

Fear No More

We get it: no matter how small, that first little nick hurts. And keeping an eye out for everyday road damage is the worst. Why not add a layer of Premium Shield car paint protection film? You’ll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more. Our barely detectable paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your factory or custom paint finish looking fresh and flawless for miles.

Protecting the paintwork on your luxury car with Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a no-brainer when you consider that;

What are your options?

Front End Only

Full front bumper, full bonnet, full front wings and wind mirror backs.

Full Car

All painted panels on your car

Bespoke Coverage

Tailor a PPF package to suit your needs

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