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The Starlight Headliner is a mesmerizing feature originally designed by Rolls Royce.

Here at Kingz Kustomz, we take pride as one of UK’s leading Starlights Specialists, making every journey a magical experience with a stellar scene above you.

With only a tenth of the price, yet more features ,you can have this option added to any of your cars!

Everybody loves to see a starry night. This exclusive Starlight Headliner’s effect is created by fitting very delicate fibre optic stands of various size and depths to project the light in multiple directions and at different intensities. The brightness control enables you to set the intensity of each ‘star’ to suit your mood: Bright enough to relax and read under or dim enough to create a subtle glow to relax your mind.

Being the only headliner specialist in the UK to create custom constellations, we can recreate any logos or custom designs on your headliners. This feature helps vehicle hire companies, chauffeuring service providers and car dealers expand their customer base, with the use of social media increasing by the day.

Trust The Process

The constellation of each Starlight Headliner is totally unique to the owner. Typically, the crafting takes 12 hours, however, a personalised pattern requires its own template, which can take more than 19 hours to complete. First, the headliner is perforated with 500 to 1,600 holes, each carefully placed and counted. Delicate fibre optic lights are then set into these holes. The craftsperson then ensures that the angle and height of the fibres are correct on the concealed side, and that they’re set perfectly on the visible surface.

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