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Brakes are an essential part of a car and are used to slow or stop a moving vehicle. Brakes involve many different components such as brake pads, Discs, master cylinder, drums, shoes, callipers, brake fluid, servo, brake hoses. All of these components works together to safely slow down a vehicle or bring the to a stop.

At Kingz Automotive, we always offer free regular brake checks to identify any problem with your braking before it can become costly or affect your braking efficiency.

Your brakes can last from 25,000 up to 60,000 miles depending on different driving patterns. Front brake pads tend to wear more than the rear as they handle higher braking load especially on front wheel drive cars. It is recommended that the brake disc also be change with the brake pads as they tend to squeak when only brake pads are fitted in most cases.

It is also recommended that the brake fluid be replaced every 2 years to maintain its efficiency.

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