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Free Battery diagnostics checks

The car battery is a vital component of a vehicle for all the electrical components to work and the vehicle itself to start and function.

A Car battery can give you serious problems especially during the winter season or when the car is not started for a long period. We offer a free diagnostic check on your battery and give you an exact condition report

Car battery replacement and fitting

We can provide any car battery for any vehicle in any given time, offering a variety of brands that suits your vehicle. Battery replacement comes with a fitting charge and that may vary depending on the model and the location.

Common symptoms of a low voltage battery:

  • Rapid clicking noise and engine doesn’t turn on
  • Sluggish cranking
  • Electrical components left on when engine is off
  • Frequent turning on and off the car can reduce the effectiveness of the battery over time
  • Faulty alternator can drain the battery even if new
  • Engine doesn’t crank and lights don’t come on

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