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We provide quality car servicing in Leicester for cars and vans.

Our car servicing is guided by the manufacturers’ service schedules and, as your care ages, we’ll make sure we adapt our servicing to ensure it remains in top condition. We thoroughly assess every vehicle that comes in and never carry out any work without discussing it with you first.

The servicing we provide includes high quality oils and additives that meet car manufacturers’ guidelines and ensure the smoothest possible driving experience.

​Our team of highly skilled mechanics have industry qualifications and experience of working on a range of different makes and models. We carry out regular training and recertification to make sure every individual is up to speed with advancements and developments in the motoring industry and able to use the most up to date techniques and equipment. 

Service books are updated and, where necessary, we will update the manufacturers’ digital service history.

Engine Size
Up to 1000cc
Up to 1300cc
Up to 1600cc
Up to 2000cc
Up to 2500cc
Up to 3000cc

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